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  •  / SRB Roller Ski XRS01 Cross Skate
    SRB Roller Ski XRS01 Cross Skate Product code: SRBXRS01-21
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    SRB Roller Ski XRS01 Cross Skate The XRS01 Cross Skate was developed for rough terrain. With its conventional SNS or NNN binding, which is familiar from the usual roller skis, it offers optimum ride comfort for the runner. Here the normal ski boots can be used. It is recommended for roads that are mostly uneven or rough, but also for well-preserved park and forest trails. Due to the pneumatic tires optimal damping is achieved. Our precision-machined aluminum rims guarantee 100 % concentricity and maximum stability. If desired, a backstop can also be installed in this model. The XRS01 is also available with SRB calf brakes for safe, targeted braking.
    Note: Starting with a body weight of 95 kg reinforced wings must be attached. 140 kg body weight are the upper limit.

    Technical data of the SRB roller skis / roller ski XRS01:

    Wheelbase: 610 mm
    Wheel Diameter: 150 mm
    Wheel width: 30 mm
    Frame for bodyweight to 95 kg
    Frame for bodyweight 95 kg -140 kg

    Optional break and one direktion bearing!!!
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