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A new word - a new sport!
For some time, a word and a so designated piece of sports equipment has captured the scene of leisure sports:
skike ®, formed from skate and bike.
The name symbolizes the combined possibilities of this unique, sportive piece of equipment for skating, similar to inline skates or cross-country skis, and for rolling on tires, just like a bike.
The basic structure consists of a sturdy, lightweight frame having two wheels, which are located in the front and behind the foot. The 15-inch wheels made of polyurethane rims with ball bearings, casing and tubing run on asphalt and concrete, but also on unpaved trails and easy to moderate terrain.
Sophisticated design, low impact pneumatic tires, a highly efficient, patented brake system and intelligent X-and O-leg adjustment options ensure a completely new feeling of movement in nature, whether uphill or downhill, or even in the plane. Skikes have, in contrast to the other cross-skates, no integrated shoe, but an adjustable shoe velcro fastener bracket or ratchet straps for the individual shoe of the rider.
Skiking is not just for 'extreme sports', but also for people like you and me. Even for total beginners it can be a step into a new exercise while providing a lot of fun. That is what the name 'skike' ® stands for.
Moreover skiking is a dynamic, healthy, and safe endurance training without heavy pressure for bones, ligaments and joints. While skiking you train your cardiovascular system as well as 90% of your muscle mass.
Skiking keeps you fit and gives your life a new sense of movement!

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