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As the years have passed the continued improvements to STICK and KLISTER have made  products of such high quality that other competing firms have tried to imitate them many times. In every national and international cross country ski competitions around the world you will find RODE SKI WAX used with success. The GLIDER line is specially designed to be fast and durable skating, alpine, jumping and snowoard. In the 1990s the first powdered fluor waxes were produced and because of their good results they were used with the RODE kick waxes. This created the FAST STICK line and the FAST KLISTER line. Now after years of studies and tests with the collaboration of the best ski-men the RODE firm is also present in the alpine, jumping and snowoard with a complete range of specialized products including HIGH  SPEED, FLUOR GLIDER and GLIDER. These are new products with the ever present quality that has guaranteed the best results for 50 years for those who use RODE products.

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