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    SRB Roller Ski SR02+ Skate Premium Product code: SRBSR02+
    449.00 €
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    SRB Roller Ski SR02+ Skate Premium The SR02 + Skate Flex has a soft and sensitive impression movement. The very good vibration damping properties ensure a very comfortable running and a ski-like feel, even on rough road surfaces. Therefore, ideal for comfort oriented athletes. The wheel diameter of 100 mm brings additional smoothness. The center of gravity was shifted downwards by the use of the cranked swingarms in order to achieve absolutely tip-over and good handling. Due to the specially developed rubber compound, the wheels ensure a high mileage, very good damping and optimum grip, even on wet roads. Therefore, the safety of the athlete is always guaranteed.

    Wheelbase: 620 mm
    Wheel diameter: 100 mm
    Wheel width: 24 mm
    Wheel Speed:
    -Premium medium
    -Premium medium special
    -Premium fast

    Weight to 90 kg
    The unique SRB-AIR-FLEX-Frame is made of 80% air, as well as plastic, wood and carbon. It enables an optimal and similar skiing.
    In conjunction with the 2-wings technology that frame provides optimal and uniform pressure distribution for each leg kick and is extremely rigid.
    Even with this technology SRB reverts on the experience of aircraft and offers roller skis on the market that set
    new standards.

    The high quality aluminum alloy rims are permanently connected by a special selected vulcanization process with the tire rubber. Due to the continuous development with athletes of different Nordic disciplines SRB has set up specialized rubber compounds. The Premium wheels are marked with „M“ for Medium
    The heat, which is generated by running, is dissipated optimally on the alloy rims with cooling geometry. The used ingredients in the mixtures provide a very high mileage, are very resistant abrasion, vibration-damping and offer a high non-slip safety for dry and wet road surfaces, which means always an optimum grip. In this way we guarantee a very comfortable and absorbing running on very fine and rough surfaces. All SRB wheels are available in medium and fast speed.

    SRB- Wing:
    The patent-pending 2-wings technology by SRB enables an optimal and uniform pressure distribution on the whole frame, resulting in a very high resemblance to skis.
    It consists of very light aluminium, which is used in aircraft and has the characteristics and strength of steel. Thereby safety at high speeds on curves and slopes shall be guaranteed.
    By using cranked wings with larger wheel diameters, the focus of the frame decreased significantly and allows a tilt resistant skiing.
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