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    Silva Headlamp Trail Speed 5R Product code: Silva37979
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    immediately ready for dispatch, delivery time 1-5 days
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    Silva Headlamp Trail Speed 5R With the Trail Speed ??5R you get the ultimate headlamp from Silva with a compact and light 2.0 Ah battery. The R stands for Run and this is the ultimate headlamp for you as a runner if you want to optimize every gram. The battery is attached to the battery compartment on the headband and weighs only 85 grams. The headlamp unit and the battery together weigh only 178 grams.

    The newly designed battery compartment keeps the battery in place and is more convenient to use when you have the battery attached to the headband on your head when you go for a run. With this headlamp, the darkness can't stop you!

    • Light and flexible 2.0 Ah battery
    • 1200 lumens
    • Silva Intelligent Light - combines a focused high beam and a wide near beam
    • Silva Flow Light - adapt the light image to the pace of your activity
    • Comfortable fit thanks to low weight and wide headband that doesn't slip
    • Silva Connection System - suitable for all batteries from 2008
    • Energy saving mode (80 lm) extends the burn time
    • Battery level indicator
    • Reserve mode - which guarantees at least 30 minutes of additional use
    • Large on/off button - easy to use with gloves
    • Waterproof - meets the requirements of the IPX5 standard

    LED Type: 2 x High Power LED
    Batteries/Type: 1 x Li-Ion 7.4 V 2.0 Ah
    Burn time: 1.25-10 hours
    Light modes: Intelligent Light, Flow Light, Max, Med, Min (Flow light ON) // Max, Med, Min (Flow light OFF)
    Reserve mode: Yes, 80 lm
    Light Range: 40-160 m
    Lumens: 80-1200 lm
    Spray pattern: Intelligent light ® / Flow light
    Water resistance: IPX5
    Charging time: USB / 3 h
    Battery indicator: yes
    Fastening: Headband
    Durability/Drop Test: Withstands a 2m drop onto a wooden floor
    Operating temperature range: 20 °C - +60 °C
    Storage temperature: -20 °C - +60 °C
    Material: ABS, PC, TPU, aluminum
    Weight (lamp): 86 g
    Weight (battery pack): 85 g
    TBC user manual languages: (GB, DE, F, ES, I, NL, POR, SE, FI, CN (Mandarin), JP, RUS)

    Scope of delivery: headband, rechargeable battery 2.0 Ah 7.4 V, USB cable, brief instructions, battery holder
    Trail Speed is the ultimate headlamp for endurance athletes looking for a powerful, yet small, compact, and extremely lightweight headlamp. It is one of SILVA’s most iconic headlamps, designed to achieve the perfect balance between light output, battery power and weight. The Trail Speed-series is often -ticed for its small size and versatility. These headlamps will allow you to go fast and hard on the most technical terrain without carrying any unnecessary weight.

    The Trail Speed-series consists of three models, all models come with a different selection of accessories and batteries to fit your specific needs.

    SILVA Intelligent Light®
    Optimizes the light pattern with a unique combination of a long reach spot light and a close flood light, giving you a clear view of both near and far obstacles – as well as confidence in your movement.

    SILVA Flow Light
    Provides seamless tuning of the light pattern. Tilting the light downwards makes the beams wider to brighten up slower activities – tilting it upwards makes the beam reach further and provide perfect vision during faster activities.

    Multi attachments
    This headlamp comes with a headband, as well as attachments for your bike and helmet(optional); making it extra flexible.

    SILVA Connection System
    Enables use of any SILVA Li-Ion battery from 2008 and onwards. If the cable fits, it works.

    Nimble battery pack
    Lightweight battery pack (2,0 Ah) with smart Velcro attachment, battery level indicator and USB charging.

    Reserve mode
    The low-battery warning is followed by automatic switching to reserve mode that ensures at least another 30 minutes of use.

    Large on/off button
    Makes the headlamp easy to operate also when wearing gloves.

    Water resistant
    Both headlamp and battery meet IPX5 standard; withstands heavy rain and water from any direction.
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