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     / Rottefella Xplore Hard Flex
    Rottefella Xplore Hard Flex Product code: ROT10200399
    10.00 €
    incl. VAT, w/o shipping
    immediately ready for dispatch, delivery time 1-5 days
    immediately ready for dispatch, delivery time 1-5 days
    Product currently out of stock - delivery time on request from the supplier.
    out of stock
    Rottefella Xplore Hard Flex Change the existing flex to Rottefella Xplore Hard Flex for more resistance and better control when skiing downhill.

    Fits Xplore Off Track backcountry binding
    For better control when skiing downhill

    Rottefella Xplore is the latest innovation in backcountry skiing equipment which will greatly improve your skiing experience.The flex is a flexible pad that provides bending resistance. Change to Rottefella Hard flex for more better control when downhill skiing. Enjoy your local area in a whole new way. Explore more, and more often, with Rottefella Xplore™.

    Weight: 32 g
    Length: 76 mm
    Width: 42

    Flexor pair for Xcelerator Classic bindings.

    2 pcs. hard for Shoe Size 45-52
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