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Jenex V2 Aero Composite Classic XLC 9848

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Jenex V2 Aero Composite Classic XLC 9848
The XLA9848 and the XLC9848 are the latest versions of the popular V2 Terra Ski. The Terra was a favorite of Olympic Champion Kristina Smigun as well as several Russian National Ski Team skiers.

The composite shaft for the roller skis is made with four different materials. All have exceptional vibration damping properties, and three of the materials provide high strength and fatigue resistance. The foundation for the XLC is a precision lightweight core that is wrapped with several layers of unidirectional fibers with tensile strength equal to carbon fibers, but with better vibration damping properties. We chose Kevlar™ for the biaxial sleeve due to its superior tensile strength and tenacity. The epoxy we use to bond the fibers to each other and to the core is 3X stronger than conventional epoxy. The Kevlar™ is protected from UV degradation by a 0.25 mm thick polymer applied over the fibers and UV resistant epoxy.

The forks are made from aluminum and protected by a clear anodic coating. The wide 98 mm wheels make them an excellent choice for non-paved surfaces and chip sealed roads. The wide wheel makes them the most stable of the two-wheeled classic skis. The XLC9848 is now available in two speeds: medium and slow. The rolling resistance in the 9848 slow free wheels is increased using two of our patented ISR (internal speed reducer), each weighing only 10 grams.

Wheelbase: 749 mm
Weight per pair: 2740 g
Wheel Diameter: 98 mm
Wheel Width: 48 mm

Optional Speed Reducer: V2ATR48
Optional Brake: V2R117S/C

Weight to 88 kg

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