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  •  / Fischer Carbonlite Skate Woman NNN 22/23
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    Fischer Carbonlite Skate Woman NNN 22/23 Product code: FIS11520
    309.95 €
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    Fischer Carbonlite Skate Woman NNN 22/23 Taking cues from the World Cup, the new Carbonlite Skate WS boot with narrow fit has eliminated weight and increased performance. A new carbon cuff and heel counter work in tandem with an improved inner boot and lacing system for optimal energy transfer and control.

    -World Cup Carbon Cuff reduces weight and increases power transfer
    -Non-stretch inner boot improves support and control
    -Extremely lightweight for racing

    -World Cup Carbon Cuff
    -Carbon Heel Counter
    -Speed Look
    -Flat Shoelaces
    -Instep Strap
    -Easy Entry Loops
    -Extended Fit System
    -Velcro Strap
    -Lace Cover
    -Sealed Zipper
    -Nylex Lining
    -Fischer Fresh
    -Thermo Insole
    -TURNAMIC® Race Skate Sole
    -Ladies Race Fit Concept

    Size: 36-43 full sizes, half size spacer inclusive

    Fits all NNN bindungs.
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