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    Atomic Alpinski Redster Q Pro LT + M10 GW Product code: ATO1104605
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    Atomic Alpinski Redster Q Pro LT + M10 GW The Atomic Redster Q Pro offers top support in all piste conditions, making it the perfect entry into the performance ski category. A multi radius sidecut and 77mm waist width result in the all-condition piste shape, the recipe for success of the Redster Q Pro. This means it can master short, fast, agile turns just as effortlessly as long, wide radii on the slopes, regardless of snow conditions. Its TI Powered laminate, Dura Cap sidewall construction and a high-quality wood core ensure optimal cushioning and stability and create a ski that is easy to control in every situation. This means you can have just as much fun on the hard slopes early in the morning as you can on the packed snow or slush later in the day. Whether for sporty skiing or relaxed cruising – the Redster Q Pro is always the right ski.

    -Duracap Sidewall (Saffron)
    -Power wood core -Densolite core
    -Ti Powered -Nano Topsheet
    -Radius: 15.5m (169 cm)
    -Waist: 121.5-76.5-107 mm (169 cm)

    Lengths: 147, 154, 161, 169, 177 cm
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