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    SKI TRAB Team Comp Classic Duo Grip Product code: SKIT12119177har
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    Skilängen SKI TRAB:

    body weight and size  
    immediately ready for dispatch, delivery time 1-5 days
    immediately ready for dispatch, delivery time 1-5 days
    Product currently out of stock - delivery time on request from the supplier.
    out of stock
    SKI TRAB Team Comp Classic Duo Grip Light ski, wear resistant and manoeuvrable. Lightwood CAP TECH structure, polyethylene sidewalls, sintered base. It´s a fast and good natured ski with lot of the features of the Aero series. With new Duo Grip climbing aid. Scale and roughening lining in one.

    New with NIS-Plate.

    -Sidecut: 41-44-44 mm
    -Tip Protection
    -Sintered Base
    -Racing Flex
    -Racing Finish

    WEIGHT: 1060 g/ 198 cm

    Scarabeo Technology
    This technology allows the utmost edge grip and stability. It is possible to grind the edge without
    affecting the structure.

    Carbon GlassReinforcement
    The several carbon, fiberglass and mixture reinforcements guarantee the ski streght

    End Protection
    The tail, which is the most delicate part of the ski, is provided with a U turned base protection.

    Racing flex
    The different flexibilities of the bridge make it possible to exploit the skier's technique in the best
    way improving the stability and the speed.

    Racing finishing
    The base is microfinished by means of advanced eqipment as racing structure and pre-waxed in
    order to make the ski faster.

    ski without binding!
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