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     / SKI TRAB Race Aero Classic Warm PR8 18/1
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    SKI TRAB Race Aero Classic Warm PR8 18/1 Product code: SKIT12132W8205har
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    Skilängen SKI TRAB:

    immediately ready for dispatch, delivery time 1-5 days
    immediately ready for dispatch, delivery time 1-5 days
    Product currently out of stock - delivery time on request from the supplier.
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    SKI TRAB Race Aero Classic Warm PR8 18/1 Classic racing ski with excellent gliding performance and utmost manoeuvrability. QUADRIAXIAL AERO TECH structure. Extremely light ski with a ARAMID honeycomp core and a particularly flexible bridge for an excellent grip and glide. With longer PR8 waxing zone.

    -Sidecut: 41-44,5-44,5 mm
    -Race Plus Base
    -Qudriaxial Aero Tech Light Core
    -Carbon Fiberglass Laminate on the top
    -Racing Finish Base Tuning
    -Racing Flex Mesurement
    -Tip Protection
    WEIGHT: 1060 g/ 205 cm
    -Sizes: 198, 205 cm

    ski without binding!
    Quadriaxial Aero Core An aramide honeycomb core jointly with quadriaxial technology in order to achieve lightweight combined with excellent reactibity and antitorsional strenght. Scarabeo Technology This technology allows the utmost edge grip and stability. It is possible to grind the edge without affecting the structure. Carbon Reinforcement The several carbon, fiberglass and mixture reinforcements guarantee the ski streght End Protection The tail, which is the most delicate part of the ski, is provided with a U turned base protection. Racing base High quality base, highly labor tested and cold assembled in order to achieve the utmost gliding performance. Racing flex The different flexibilities of the bridge make it possible to exploit the skier's technique in the best way improving the stability and the speed. Racing finishing The base is microfinished by means of advanced eqipment as racing structure and pre-waxed in order to make the ski faster. SKI TRAB started up thanks to Giacomo Trabucchi’s intuition and enthusiasm. Trabucchi made his first solid wooden skis in 1946. The SKI TRAB factory is based in Bormio, a renowned skiing resort, boasting a tradition of professionals and champions given to the world of sport. Since its beginning there has always been a constant and natural contact with mountain experts. This has helped to contribut e in the realization of the final product which meets the real skiers’ requirements. The Trabucchi family is now able to offer high technical and specialized products making SKI TRAB a leading firm in the ski touring, ski mountaineering and cross-country field. It’s not simply the mountain village in Italy where Ski Trab products are manufactured. “Made in Bormio” is a statement that symbolizes a product that was designed, developed and manufactured by a company and people that are active experts in big mountain and backcountry skiing. All Ski trab products are based on the experience, expertise and knowledge we have developed by over 66 years of skiing, living and working on the snow.
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