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    Salomon S/RACE Skate 22/23 Product code: SA470339
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    Salomon S/RACE Skate 22/23 The perfect skate for runners who always want the best possible gear.

    This lightweight carbon takes your competition performance to the next level and excels in all snow conditions.

    Stability and power transfer:
    The thin Thin Ply Carbon layer optimizes the torsional rigidity for better power transmission at the push-off, while the balanced tension adjustment in the gliding phase provides more stability.

    The "Triangle Thickness" profile improves acceleration and increases power transmission from the middle of the ski to the tip and tail.

    Adjustment of grip and glide:
    You can turn the shift-in button directly on the ski to the right for increased edge grip, or to the left for improved glide. In the zero position you get a balanced combination of the Characteristics.

    Sidecut Type: Skating Race Sidecut 44 - 43 - 44 mm
    Ski construction: 34 Universal, low and responsive tension, D2FC - Digital Dynamic Flex Control
    Core: Nomex
    Base: G5 Zeolit ??universal base, Flour Free Pre-Waxed by Swix
    Surface tuning: World Cup grinding, DGM - Digital Grinding Measurement

    Weight: 940 g
    Lengths: 170, 177, 182, 187, 192 cm

    With new Prolink SHIFT-IN plate.

    Ski can only be used with the new Prolink SHIFT-IN binding!

    ski without binding!
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