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    Salomon S/RACE eSKIN 21/22 Product code: SA415393
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    Salomon S/RACE eSKIN 21/22 For a consistently high speed in long-distance races with changeable conditions.

    This skin ski is designed for racing speed and a feeling of security in changing conditions, making it perfect for long races and all-day events.

    Safe kick:
    In the propulsion phase, the pre-tensioning with a low profile ensures full pressure on the skin for a superior snow feeling and a safe kick.

    Light weight:
    An extremely light Nomex construction ensures instant acceleration with less effort.

    Adjustment of grip and gliding ability:
    You can turn the shift-in button right on the ski for more grip, or to the left for more glide. In the zero position you get a balanced combination of properties.

    Sidecut type: Classic parallel race sidecut 44/44/44
    Ski Construction: 29 Universal
    Core: Nomex
    Grip Technology: eSKINGRIP+
    Base: G5 Universal base, Flour Free Pre-Waxed by Swix
    Base tuning: World Cup Grinding

    Sizes: 188, 196, 201, 206 cm

    With the new Prolink SHIFT-IN plate.

    Skis can only be used with the new Prolink SHIFT-IN binding!

    ski without binding!
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