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     / Rottefalla Back Country/Telemark Binding 75mm
    Rottefalla Back Country/Telemark Binding 75mm Product code: ROT10100074
    160.00 €
    incl. VAT, w/o shipping
    Im Set ab136.00 €
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    Rottefalla Back Country/Telemark Binding 75mm Rottefella is an excellent alternative when leather boots are your preference. It comes with a 10 mm riser plate. The is a Rotefella binding 75 mm for telemark and nordic backcountry skiing. This bindings is a good ski control and lateral stability optimal. In nordic backcountry skiing, the binding facilitates the parallel turns and the telemark. The shoe is fixed in the caliper to the front of the binding, while the cable is attached to the back of the shoe while leaving the heel free. Rottefella binding is ideal for those who want to start in telemark or to practice the "telemark light". It offers for the backcountry skiers a very good control skis and can fully enjoy the downhill.
    - Climbing wires flip up to reduce fatigue while you make your way up the hill
    - Binding length is easy to adjust by twisting the springs
    - Rottefella bindings include 10mm riser plates
    -Norm 75mm Nordic Norm
    Additional information: Sizes:
    - Short Cable: 36/44 780g
    - Long Cabe: 40/48 800g
    -Colours: Black
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