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     / multi-tool Schwalbe incl. valve tool
    multi-tool Schwalbe incl. valve tool 6015.01 version 2.0 Product code: SCHW2361047001
    24.90 €
    incl. VAT, w/o shipping
    Delivery time 5-14 days
    immediately ready for dispatch, delivery time 1-5 days
    Article not in stock, availability and delivery time on request at the supplier.
    out of stock
    multi-tool Schwalbe incl. valve tool SCHWALBE Multi-Tool 13in1 Multitool with valve functions. Why Schwalbe offers a Multi-tool? Because we would like to have a handy tool in our pocket in which functions for valve inserts (PV and SV) and valve extensions are integrated. Especially in ti 6015.01 version 2.0
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