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    Marwe Rollerski Skate 620 XC Product code: MAR620XC2
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    Marwe Rollerski Skate 620 XC Skating 620 XC is the the re-engineered version of all-time best skating style roller ski having outstanding vibration damping. Skating 620 XC simulates perfectly skiing on snow. Outstanding vibration damping of XC composite frame protects skier from numbness and therefore enables higher amount of training. The frames are tested and paired for same stiffness enabling a perfect ski feel. Legendary Marwe urethane wheels have multiple time better durability than competitors and have outstanding wet grip. Skating 620 XC enables skiers to use same technique on rollers than on snow. Therefore skiers can practice skiing technique all-year round and are able to easily transfer from road to snow, when snow season begins.

    NEW: With 2 frame stiffness

    Soft: to 80 kg
    Stiff: to 110 kg

    Made in Finland!

    Available at the following resistances:
    minimal (US0) simulating skiing on icy snow
    medium (US6) simulating skiing on fresh snow
    med/max (US7) simulating skiing on wet snow
    maximal (US8) for power training
    (wheels are made of different PU compositions)

    Holm: new Marwe Snowfeel XC Nanocarbon Aircell Core
    Axle to axle length: 620 mm
    Ground clearance: 34 mm
    Wheel Diameter: 100 mm
    Wheel width: 25 mm
    Wheel Material: Eurethane
    Weight: 1800 g/pair
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