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  •  / Madshus Redline Classic Zero 23/24
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    Madshus Redline Classic Zero 23/24 Product code: MA18G0008
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    Madshus Redline Classic Zero 23/24 THE REDLINE ZERO is a World Cup quality specialty classic ski for racing in tricky waxing conditions around zero degrees Celsius. The headline feature of this ski is a base material insert made from a blend of rubber and polyethylene placed in the grip zone of the ski. When roughened with sandpaper, this inserted base material can provide better grip than hardwax and better glide than klister. The ski performs at its best in high humidity and glazed tracks around zero degrees Celsius, but the use range can be expanded by using finer or coarser sandpaper to tailoring the grip zone to match the conditions.

    • emPOWER
    • Sidecut: 43-44-44 mm
    • Camber: Classic Low – Speed Tip Cold
    • Bindingplate: MOVE™ 3.0
    • Core: PR 100X & Triaxial Carbon Plus Construction
    • Base: P300 Nano / Rubber Insert
    • Fluor-Free Skibases

    • Weight/pair: 910 gr/192 cm
    • Length: 192-207 cm/5

    ski without binding!
    BORN TO SKI! Founded in 1906 and now we are the oldest XC ski manufacturer and the only pure cross-country company in the world. Located in the heart of Nordic skiing in Biri, Norway. You can feel the Norwegian craftmanship in every product. WE ARE MADSHUS and we want to make sure that every stride and glide YOU take is pure joy. That YOU go outside and have fun, whatever which condition or weather. There´s no bad weather, only wrong equipment.
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