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    Madshus Red Propulsion Classic 19/20 The endurance race to the next level to bring - with the DOUBLE-POLE SPECIFIC CLASSIC SKI

    During the last decade Madshus was the leading equipment manufacturers for long-distance race. Since 2010, five of the Vasa Race Champions have won the 90-kilometer race on Madshus skis. 2016 was no exception: John Kristian Dahl (NOR) won the race and his Madshus - mate Stian Hoelgaard (NOR) finished second.
    Our success story has has not changed in recent years, but probably the way of victory. The winners have applied the double pole plant all the way, from theaters to Mora. The Vasaloppet is part of a fast-growing trend: Every year more skiers contact exclusively the double-deck technology, and run the long distance marathons without grip wax. This creates a completely new ski type:

    Madshus Propulsion

    Unique characteristics and advantages:

    3D geometry and special curved shape / Camber Shape:

    • Supporting stability where you need it most, reduced to a low-tip design, the excess weight
    • The completely new curved shape is used to obtain upstream and in flat terrain faster acceleration and enable in runs better lubricity.

    That's how it works:

    The double-deck technology ensures even weight distribution on both skis, both in the thrust phase and the sliding phase.
    Instead of pressing the pressure camber skis flat and to generate grip, we can "Camber-pocket" design with a different goal: glass efficiency.
    This is better than the double-deck technology with a skating skis.

    Skating skis have to take almost all the body weight each on one ski. As you shift your body weight from one ski to the other, the ski has to be much harder.
    This dynamic movement, it is also important to note the pressure distribution and the design of the contact points.

    Without having us think about the dynamic motion of skating do, we can construct the skis everywhere evenly distributed pressure. This results in a better sliding and stronger acceleration due to flexible but hard curved shape.

    • emPOWER
    • Length: 195, 205 cm
    • Sidecut: 44-43-44 mm
    • Weight/pair: 950 gr/195 cm
    • Camber:Propulsion to Plus/ Madshus Speed Tip
    • Binding: NIS 7
    • Core: PR 100X & Triaxial Carbon Construction
    • Base: P200 Nano Black Plus, CAD – Computer Aided Design

    ski without binding!
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