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     / Madshus Nanosonic Active Pro IntelliGrip 20/21
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    Madshus Nanosonic Active Pro IntelliGrip 20/21 Product code: MA18D0014
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    Madshus Nanosonic Active Pro IntelliGrip 20/21 By adapting your skis to your performance, the terrain and snow conditions, IntelliGrip® Integrated skin guarantees optimized grip an glide for all skiers, The progressive skin profile ensures optimal grip and glide in all conditions, while the unique mix of mohair and nylon ensures long lasting grip and glide and will avoid icing. Thanks to its hot melted glue application, the IntelliGrip ® Integrated skin is replaceable. Let us worry about optimizing kick and glide so you can focus on Simply Skiing!

    ACTIVE PRO INTELLIGRIP® is designed for groomed track touring and training, and features a durable construction which emphasizes exceptional grip to keep you going strong all day long. As a member of our IntelliGrip® Integrated skin series, the 70 % mohair, 30 % nylon skin works in nearly all conditions.
    This means that no klister or climbing wax needs to be applied anymore. So you can use the time on the skis to improve your skills instead of applying wax in the basement! Furthermore, the Active Pro Intelligrip® is equipped with the NIS 3.0 binding plate, so you can opt for the Rottefella MOVE SWITCH KIT NIS 3.0. This allows you to change the position on the ski during the run. As a beginner, it helps to find the pressure point as well as during the descent while gliding, and as an advanced, long tours are easily easy due to position changes.

    • emPOWER
    • Length: 182-207 cm/5
    • Sidecut: 43-44-44 mm
    • Weight/pair: 1150 g/187 cm
    • Camber: Classic Universal / Madshus Speed Tip Cold
    • Binding: MOVE™
    • Core: PR 90X & Torsion Cap 3D
    • Base: P170 Nano Universal / IntelliGrip in the mid section

    ski without binding!
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