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    Leki Alpin Pole WCR Lite SL 3D 23/24 Product code: LE652-65851
    75.00 €
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    Leki Alpin Pole WCR Lite SL 3D 23/24 With the 16 mm tubes made of high-strength aluminum, every goal gives way. The airfoil design ensures optimal aerodynamics. Added to this is the newly developed Trigger 3D slalom grip. The new Trigger 3D system offers more control through a direct connection between the glove and the pole, improved ease of use through quick clicking in and out and greater safety reserves through an intelligent three-dimensional release that expands the release range fourfold.

    Tube: Aluminum Airfoil HTS 6.5 16 mm
    Handle: Trigger 3D SL
    Strap: Trigger Vario Strap
    Weight: 234 g/105 cm
    Lengths: 90-120 cm
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