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Equipment // Roller Ski & Cross Skates // Classic Roller Ski // Jenex V2 Aero 150 RC Retro Classic

Jenex V2 Aero 150 RC Retro Classic

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Jenex V2 Aero 150 RC Retro Classic
The V2 Aero roller skis are the most versatile roller skis available. The large diameter pneumatic wheels can be used on surfaces where it’s impossible to roller ski on smaller diameter solid wheels. The skis can be used on dirt roads, limestone bicycle path’s, chip seal pavement and on grass. On normal pavement the pneumatic tires provide an extremely smooth ride.

Ideal Rollerski for Ski Touring Athlets. Frame is suitable for the montage of the ski touring bindings.

Many users consider the Aero safer as they will roll over debris that can stop smaller wheels. Another major benefit is that the Speed Reducers on pneumatic tires are much more effective than when used on solid rubber wheels. Because the Speed Reducers are so effective on the Aero the skis have become popular in very hilly or mountainous terrain.

The XL150RC is a very stable classic ski with two 150mm pneumatic wheels in the back and a 150 mm one way clutch wheel in the front making it very easy to balance on. The pneumatic wheels make it ideal for hard packed dirt roads and bike paths and are exceptionally smooth on pavement. The large pneumatic wheels combined with the stable three-wheeled platform make it a very good choice for beginning classic skiers.

Wheelbase: 690 mm/28.87”

Weight per pair: 2800 g/6.16 pounds

Ground Clearance: 25 mm rear/31 mm front

Wheel Diameter:150 mm

Wheel Width: 30 mm/1.2 inches

Optional Speed Reducer: ATR150XL

Optional Brake: BXL150RC

Replacement Wheels: W150C

Weight to 88 kg

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