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    GripGrab Women's Summer Cycling Cap Product code: GR5019
    19.94 €
    incl. VAT, w/o shipping
    Farbe (GripGrap)-Please select variant:

    GripGrab Women's Summer Cycling Cap The Women's Summer Cycling Cap features a classic design in modern, highly functional and extremely lightweight materials. Its strong graphical style accentuates GripGrab's passion for cycling sports. This performance cap is a must-have accessory
     for any cyclist and shall be worn with confidence. Use it under a helmet with an inverted flip, or cassually pre/post-race. Part of the GripGrab Women´s Range.

    Classic short
    Brimmed cap
    Fits snugly underneath your helmet
    Lightweight, breathable materials

    Onesize Women's
    Farbe: Grey, Green, Purple
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