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  •  / Fischer Urban Cross Ash 21/22
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    Fischer Urban Cross Ash 21/22 Product code: FIS25419
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    Fischer Urban Cross Ash 21/22 This is something absolutely new. The benefits of a casual boot seamlessly combined with the requirements and technology of a Nordic ski boot. Enjoy skiing as always, with a waterproof upper. Then enjoy comfort, style and basic walkability when your skis are off.

    -Comfort and performance plus everyday wearability
    -100 % waterproof sock construction keeps feet dry
    -Practical, easy walking characteristics off-ski

    -Internal Molded Heel Cap
    -Flat Shoelaces
    -Trible-F Membran
    -Nylex Lining
    -Fischer Fresh
    -Comfort Guard
    -Sport Fit Concept

    Sole: Turnamic Easy Walk
    Shoe Flex: soft
    Weight: 453 g

    Size: 36-48

    Fits with all NNN bindings.
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