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  •  / Elan Sky JRS + EL 4,5/EL 7,5
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    Elan Sky JRS + EL 4,5/EL 7,5 Product code: ELAAFFJNZ22
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    Elan Sky JRS + EL 4,5/EL 7,5 25 % more flex, 250 % more fun

    The Sky offers the most innovative Junior ski design available thanks to Elan's patented U-Flex technology, which allows kids to fully flex the ski, helping accelerate the learning process.

    Providing the right amount of flex in the junior ski range was one of the major challenges we’ve faced in recent years. Our award winning U-Flex technology is the solution. The revolutionary construction of the ski increases the flex of the ski by 25 percent. It is a perfect kid's ski set in combination with specially designed ski boots made of softer, more flexible plastics. These skis enable easier learning and a quick transition to the edges. The Sky features a unique design that will appeal especially to girls and is a true eye catcher.

    Binding: EL 4,5 (70-120 cm), EL 7,5 (130-150 cm)

    Geometry: 101/69/90 mm
    Technology: U-Flex Technology, Full Power Cap, Synflex, Fiberglass

    70 cm (2,5 m)
    80 cm (3,5 m)
    90 cm (4,8 m)
    100 cm (6,2 m)
    110 cm (7,0 m)
    120 cm (8,6 m)
    130 cm (9,4 m)
    140 cm (11,2 m)
    150 cm (13,1 m)

    Lengths: 70-150 cm
    CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE. WE WANT THEM TO FIND SKIING TO BE AS EASY AS WALKING! The Elan Junior line will bring kids back to skiing.With the exclusive U-Flex technology, skis (70-100 cm) are 25 % more flexible than the benchmark, providing more ease and freedom during the first approaches to the snow. The lightweight Synflexcore and Full Power Cap construction with the Early Rise Rocker profile enable kids to make effortless smooth and easy turns for more fun on snow. These skis make skiing as easy as walking. Profile Early Rise Rocker: Early Rise Rocker in Elan’s skis is the reason for smooth and effortless turns thanks to a moderate amount of rocker in the tip and tail, which increases the ski’s playfulness, ease and versatility. Construction Full Power Cap: Full Power Cap is a traditional cap construction that is light, easy to turn and forgiving. Core Synflex Core: The Syn?ex Core boasts varying densities of material along the length of the ski for supreme performance levels. It is a lightweight synthetic core featuring an optimal ?ex distribution. Reinforcement Fiberglass: A Fibreglass reinforcement optimizes the ?ex pattern and enhances torsional rigidity of the ski. The fibers are positioned either above or below the ski core and improve the ski’s structural integrity. System Quick Shift: The Quick Shift System is a fully integrated ski binding system with a softer free flex plate-in-plate design. Its lean profile is constructed with lightweight composites and a softer plate that perfectly complements the U-Flex ski design, making turning effortless.
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