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    Asnes Shortskin X-Skin Mohair 45 mm Product code: AS541004
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    Asnes Shortskin X-Skin Mohair 45 mm 100 % mohair for reduced friction and increased speed.
    X-Skin Mohair is produced in 100 % mohair by Colltex in Switzerland for optimal speed and grip. X-Skin skins can be used on all Åsnes skis with a skin insertion point. To further enhance its performance, we recommend proofing the skins with wax or skinproofer to provide better glide and reduced friction. Equipped with a skin-protector at the front to prevent ice and snow accumulating on it and to secure it for long distances.

    - Length: 650 mm
    - Wide: 45 mm
    - Material: 100 % goat skin by Colltex Swiss Made
    - Color: Grey
    - Weight: 200 g
    X-SKIN is next generation short skins. The SKIN PROTECTOR makes for less friction and
    better gliding properties, as well as function as a protection against icing and abrasion on the skins.

    -Secure fixing of skins
    -SKIN-PROTECTOR, reduce icing and abrasion
    -Easy to mount, easy to dismantle
    -Optimal glide and good grip while skiing

    For more than 20 years Åsnes has delivered skis with skinlocks for short skins and kicker skins. Our solution has proved to be superior in terms of quality and characteristics on countless expeditions.
    We are proud to introduce the next generation short skins, which is based on the same quality and innovation as always. Our new X-Skins has the same protection in the front as before, but the height
    of the Skin Protector has been reduced and the Protector further developed for much less friction.
    The SKIN PROTECTOR is a solid plate facing against the snow, making for optimal protection and with metal arms for swift mounting. The new X-Skins fits all previous Åsnes skis, no worries!
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