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  •  / Åsnes Backcountry/Fjellski OTTO SVERDRUP
    Åsnes Backcountry/Fjellski OTTO SVERDRUP Product code: AS542031
    529.00 €
    incl. VAT, w/o shipping
    Asnes Skilengh-Please select variant:

    Åsnes Backcountry/Fjellski OTTO SVERDRUP Otto Sverdrup BC is perhaps one the most versatile Nordic BC skis, for use in the backcountry, in our range. This ski has a more prominent camber and wax-pocket than most of our other all-around bc skis, good sidecut, and modern technology. The modern shape with taper and rocker tip lifts the ski easily out of the snow, meaning that the ski does not hook so easily and makes it easier to set up the turn compared to more traditional designed skis. This also means that you get a ski that handles most terrain and is experienced more playful and forgiving when conditions are demanding.
    Otto Sverdrup BC has a good amount of camber, and a prominent wax pocket, that makes the ski suitable for slightly longer trips, and perhaps especially in varying and hilly terrain. The effective camber and stiffness make for a ski that will be fairly XC effective, and the forgiving tips and the sidecuts also give the ski a good amount of playfulness. All in all, a very good compromise for an all-around nordic bc ski. This is simply a modern twist on a good classic mountain ski, which will suit most mountain lovers!

    Details from Åsnes Otto Sverdrup:

    -Versatile all-mountain Back Country ski
    -Easy to turn when downhill skiing
    -Moderate wax pocket
    -Short skin system reduces friction when using skins

    -Sidecut: 78-55-69 mm

    -Steel Edge Complete
    -Material: Woodcore Poplar Core
    -Base: Sintered and waxable

    -Lengths: 175, 180, 185, 190, 195, 200, 205 cm

    -Weight: 2.140 g/ pair

    adequate Short Skin:
    Asnes X Skin Nylon 30 mm # AS541000
    Asnes X Skin Mohair 30 mm #AS541003
    Asnes X-Skin Mohair RACE 40 mm #AS541006
    Asnes X-Skin Mohair 45 mm # AS541004
    Asnes X-Skin Nylon 45 mm # AS541001
    Asnes X-Skin 40 mm RACE # AS541006
    Colltex Longskin Mohair 2100/45 #AS541216

    Ski without binding!
    Otto Sverdrup (1854 - 1930) joined Nansen on skis over Greenland and was captain of the ship ”Fram” during the first Fram expedition. He even led the second Fram expedition in the years 1898-1902. Otto Neumann Knoph Sverdrup is considered ”one of the big three” in Norwegian polar history, next to Nansen and Amundsen. A name that has not received enough attention in the shadows of the other two. The expeditions led by Otto Sverdrup collected a huge amount of research material. This resulted in 39 dissertations from 34 researchers who participated in the processing of the material. Sverdrup’s expeditions also laid out the groundwork for maps used by Canadian authorities right up to the 1960s. Among the areas which were mapped were three islands thatwere named after the expedition’s sponsors. The island was later commonly noticed as Sverdrupøyene (the sverdrup islands) and is today a part of the archipelago Queen Elizabeth Islands in the Nunavut Territory. Otto Sverdrup received a long line of awards throughout his life, i.a. gold medals from Det Norwegian Geographical Society (1889), Royal Geographical Society (1903), and a number of other geographical societies, and he was an honorary member of several. He was appointed Commander of the 1st Class of the Order of St. Olav after the 1st Fram Expedition in 1896 and received the Grand Cross after the 2nd Expedition.
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